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Joseph Lia, a career change consultant and a writer at forbes, advocated business owners to learn from others by asking business owners for some advices or watching TED talks “for entrepreneurial inspiration and guidance”. Every business owner should be aware and prepared before making any decision. Lia said that there were some ” clarifying” questions that come to his mind when he “felt uncertain” about whether he’s in the right path or not.

“Can You Do The Things You Want To Do?
Lia once felt that he didn’t earn “enough” money from his business comparing to his last salary from his former cooperate job. He said, “I even called up one of my best friends from college, Hitesh, to lament the fact I wasn’t as financially “well-off” as I was before. I remember him saying, “Okay, so you earn less. You spend less. But can you still do the things you want to do?” For me, doing more of the things I wanted to do was one of the original drivers behind starting my own business”.
You can earn more money, but you have to maintain a well-balanced life and do things that “matter to you”.
” Is The Cost Of Doing This Worth It?
Ambition will help you in your career and in your entrepreneurial journey. Lia stated that he’s an ambitious person but sometimes he asks himself whether he’s doing enough or whether he’s achieving what he really wants. However, these questions might lead you to compare yourself to others “successful entrepreneurs”. To overcome this, Lea said, “I now always try to keep in mind, especially when I catch myself envying someone else’s professional achievements. It also helps me say no to alluring opportunities when the costs are simply too great”.

Throughout your career, “you’re going to be faced” with many opportunities that might force you to make choices. “Checking in with the people who know you best can help reground you. Considering these three questions can help refocus you”.

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