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Being busy is not like being productive. To be a successful entrepreneur you have to make “the best of your time”. Here are three tips that will help you to be more productive:
Make an artificial deadline 
Carl Reader, the author of The Startup Coach, recommended this technique by saying “I book a return train ticket, don’t take my mobile phone, and set a completion target for the journey. With a clear deadline and no distractions, I find that I often produce more than I would in the office in a whole day. It’s great if you can tie this around meetings that you need to travel to, but if not, the productivity boost is well worth the cost of a train ticket.” (Forbes.com).
“Think in binary”
Tim Fung, the CEO and founder of Airtasker used this technique and it helped to be more productive. He says, “In a startup, I believe it increases productivity if you’re periodically binary with your decision making; i.e., acquire the necessary data, make a decision and then commit to that decision for an agreed period of time. Don’t assess and re-assess everyday. That way, you’ll ensure that every activity that you’re driving will be pushing in the same direction, which is the key for increasing overall output”.
Take a break
Taking effective breaks will help you to concentrate and increase your productivity like taking a walk around your office or outside it. Lisa Forde, owner of event stationery company Dotty About Paper, said that “just removing yourself from your working environment and walking outdoors for half an hour or so helps you to gather your thoughts. I don’t even think about work, but when I get back my mind is a clear and I’m ready to continue working. Time out allows you readjust and prioritise what needs doing, and so increases positivity”.

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