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ERIYADA TASKS contains many features and tools that allow users to add reminders, set priorities, assign tasks and share them to other users. It has collaboration tools that help users to communicate with each other like instant messaging, video calls and others.

Reponsive Design

Our system is created by using responsive design techniques and features to look their absolute best on all devices (Laptop, iPad, Mobile)


Our system supports Left to Right, Right To Left languages, and comes with out of the box Arabic/English and the ability to add other languages

Dashboard (KPIs)

ERIYADA TASKS comes with a dashboard enabling users to review the status and progress of key KPIs.

Update request

Ability to notify participants about the task by sending an update request


Ability to delegate a user's authority to another to follow up the execution of tasks, with the approval of the system administrator

Follow-up manager

Through the role of the follow-up manager, it can control and monitor the execution of all user tasks within the system

Tasks Sharing

Sharing tasks among different stakeholders for better efficiency

Task Checklist

Add a Checklist of items to plan the quality or steps of execution of your important tasks with reminding feature for each Checklist item

User Profile

View user's information and profile, collaborate via instant messagesing

Tasks Search

Tasks advanced search capabilities in both Arabic and English with ability to filter tasks according to priorities or other criteria set by the user e.g. due date or tasks assignees.

Tasks Notifications & Reminders

Add reminders or request update to your tasks, send notifications based on time, date, or assignee

Tasks Notes & Attachments

This feature gives users the ability to add notes and attachments to tasks.

ريادة مهامى ERIYADA TASKS

يقدم نظام ريادة مهامي مجموعة من المزايا الخاصة بإدارة المهام على مستوى المنظمة ككل بحيث يستطيع كافة المستخدمين اضافة المهام وتعديلها واسنادها، كذلك يحتوى النظام على ادوات متعددة كأضافة تذكيرات وتحديد اوليات المهام واسنادها ومشاركتها ERIYADA TASKS provides multiple features such as adding and editing tasks, reminders, setting priorities, assigning, sharing

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