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There’s a huge difference between the general idea of team work and creating “an effective and intact team based on a specific goal”. Managers should specify what kind of team that they want to build before starting the process. Philip James shared four tips that can help mangers to build a successful team.

“Set Manageable Goals”

“Generally, team building events will tend to fall into either the following categories:

  1. A fun event intended to break up a meeting agenda or a conference
  2. A fun event held to reinforce some crucial messages that were presented in a recent meeting or conference
  3. A fun function to talk about some important issues which have cropped up in the work.”

“Irrespective of category that your event may fall in, it is absolutely necessary to list down the outcomes that you expect from the event. Note that, on average, a session of this nature will typically last 3-4 hours. This is not the time for you to solve all the problems that your company is experiencing. Ideally, you should set only 2-3 outcomes”.

“Make Sure Management Participates”

“If you want to achieve long lasting benefits from any team bonding event, it is necessary for the management to take part. The advantages of management participation are twofold: first, it reinforces the notion of leading by example. Secondly, by being simply being present in the meeting a manager gets to understand the people below them. This way, lessons and memories get easily transferred into their places of work”.

“Have Facilitated Discussion”

The facilitator should be aware of the results of each meeting and discussion. He/she should have a good communication skills because ” almost all of team building activities depend on good communication”. Also, one of the important strategy that every facilitator should do during a meeting is preparing a discussion sheet and fill it by the end of the meeting. This sheet will help in guiding the discussion with the team.

“Talk with Your Team”

“The team members must understand why they are taking part in the teamwork session. They should clearly understand how this idea of using teamwork can help the company meet its set objectives. This means that they should be in a position to define the importance of their team in regards to meeting corporate goals. In a nutshell, the team must know where their contribution will fit in an organization’s total principles, goals, values, and visions”.

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