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Hi. I’m Ibrahim Al Jasser, co-founder and CEO of eRiyada Systems. 


In the past 6 months, we at eRiyada Systems have been making some big changes in the way we operate our business. Because our key software product the eRiyada Board application is a business solution in the governance, risk & compliance (GRC) space and we want to be seen to apply best practice, our leadership team have stepped very carefully in transforming our company; and we decided to become an Agile Business as part of our ongoing optimization efforts. 


The first thing we learned was that being Agile wasn’t just about IT or software development in particular: it was about how the whole company works. 


Today at eRiyada Systems we have adapted an array of techniques and principles to operate and govern our business in an agile manner. This includes of course software development and support, but we operate agile teams for Human Capital, Administration, Sales, Marketing and Finance. 


We created the role of a Product Owner and the coordination of the flow of work between these teams is today facilitated by a Scrum of Scrums team where we are pleased to see a new generation of Saudi leaders developing. 


In short, these teams work together to autonomously get work done and solve problems on their way. 


This is the first of a series of articles where we will share some of our experiences, both victories, and challenges. At the outset, our advisors cautioned us that becoming an Agile Business would be a long journey and to expect failures and setbacks along the way. We have certainly seen the wisdom of iteration in everything we do, reflecting on failures and seizing opportunities to improve our methods. We have experimented and made permanent improvements as an outcome and equally where some of our ideas fell down we worked to understand why and how to best adapt.


Agile simply gave us a structure and vocabulary for smart, dynamic and responsive management of our business. The employee buy-in and improved career satisfaction was clearly of great benefit too. 


… but we are always learning and since we’re only human we continue to experiment, get it right, get it wrong and still we improve, one iteration at a time!


Eid Mubarak to our customers, our supporters, followers and the entire eRiyada Systems family. 


Ibrahim Al Jasser

eriyada systems board and committees management



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