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Digital Government Authority DGA issues a circular regarding establishing new platforms, mobile applications, and websites on all domains, integration channels, and digital services

As part of its efforts to develop the regulatory environment for the digital government, the Digital Government Authority, which oversees all matters related to the digital government in the Kingdom, has issued a circular to all government agencies and their

Corporate Governance and The Saudi Criteria for it

Corporate governance has become an integral part of companies, whether at the global or regional level, where the interest of concept of corporate governance has grown in importance over the decades the past few due to the financial breakdowns and

Governing in the Time of Coronavirus

With the COVID-19 viral disease rapidly spreading across the globe, governments are fighting battles on many fronts and asking hard questions. How many people will be infected? How many lives will be lost? When will the outbreak end? What will

Extent of Need for Governance

Ownership and administrative control over the facility’s resources.  In the modern concept of the facility, we find that shareholders may have a simple role (or have no active role) in managing the company. Instead, shareholders usually hire technical managers to operate

4 Major Challenges Facing Boardrooms in 2016

1. Shareholder Activists Shareholder activists are globally expected to continue challenging the boardroom dynamics in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and India. Growth is coming from Shareholder Activist funds that grew to $112 Billion in 2014. The latest data from

How Boards of Directors Are Reshaping to Meet New Challenges

In a corporate environment, boards recognize a need to evolve to engage investors better and become more involved in leading governance. Tom Manning is a corporate advisor, board director, and educator. Currently, he serves on the Boards of Dun &

Roles and responsibilities of directors and boards

Understanding your roles and responsibilities should be your first task when appointed. The board of directors is appointed to act on behalf of the shareholders to run the day to day affairs of the business. The board are directly accountable to the

4 Ways to Build a Better Corporate Board of Directors

Boards are under the microscope more than ever—and too many aren’t measuring up. Here’s how to whip yours into shape Public scrutiny of corporate boards has reached an all-time high. They’re too white, too male and too old. They’re too

Resources & Policy: Challenges Facing Boards

The current business environment places greater scrutiny than ever before on the actions and decisions taken by boards of directors. The onus is on all directors to ensure that legal and regulatory responsibilities are met and that decisions taken by

Are Expectations on Board Members Too High? Most Directors Think So.

Global Survey of 4000+ Directors Reveals Common Boardroom Attitudes and Processes NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Sixty percent (60%) of directors say that there is a gap between the expectations placed on boards and the reality of the board’s ability to

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