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business agility
Business Agility – the first of a series of articles where we will share some of our experiences

Hi. I’m Ibrahim Al Jasser, co-founder and CEO of eRiyada Systems.    In the past 6 months, we at eRiyada Systems have been making some big changes in the way we operate our business. Because our key software product the

How to Build an Effective Brand?

Branding is an essential part in any business. It helps you to attract customers to your company and to increase your chance to be recognized in your industry. Celinne Da Costa, a writer in Forbes, says “To turn a brand

How to Build a Successful Work Team?

There’s a huge difference between the general idea of team work and creating “an effective and intact team based on a specific goal”. Managers should specify what kind of team that they want to build before starting the process. Philip

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Pia Slvia, an Enterpreneur and the author of “Bad*** Your Brand”, described bad email marketing as newsletters, she said that people nowadays are bored from newsletters because they’re “unattractive; devoid of meaning and therefore any value”. The same thing goes to

3 Ways to Boost Your Marketers Engagement

Leaders usually don’t recognize their team’s role in increasing the company growth especially with their marketers. “Senior executives don’t necessarily understand the intricacies of digital marketing, which makes it easier for them to behave in ways that cause employees to

How to Improve Customer Experience

There are many things that affect the customer experience like employee attitude, ” in-store atmosphere” and others. But the most important thing that has a huge “impact” on the customer experience is leadership development. Blake Morgan, a customer experience futurist,

Extent of Need for Governance

Ownership and administrative control over the facility’s resources.  In the modern concept of the facility, we find that shareholders may have a simple role (or have no active role) in managing the company. Instead, shareholders usually hire technical managers to operate

How to Measure Employee Engagement?

According to Joseph Folkman, the founder of two leadership development firms, many companies who have conducted ” employee engagement surveys” think that “measuring engagement” is an important step to improve the company. However, after many years of conducting these surveys, many

2 Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Themselves

Joseph Lia, a career change consultant and a writer at forbes, advocated business owners to learn from others by asking business owners for some advices or watching TED talks “for entrepreneurial inspiration and guidance”. Every business owner should be aware

3 Email Marketing Myths That Are Ruining Your Campaigns

There are many advices/tips about best ways to sell your products/services and how to contact your perspective clients via emails. Some tips are useful but others are harmful, Heather Morgan, a founder of Salesfolk, said, ” there are a number

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