ERIYADA BOARD is a turn-key solution to automate governance processes from managing boards, committees, and sub-committees for public and private enterprises. It includes modules like boards, committees, meetings, minutes of meetings, subjects, tasks, decisions, files, calendar, profiles, dashboard, report, collaboration, voice/video conferencing, integration, etc. 


What’s new:

  • Cisco WebEx integration.
  • Decisions bypass module.
  • Digital Signature.
  • WhatsApp integration with a customized message to each board or committee.
  • The announcement is now shown on ERIYADA BOARD home screen.
  • Feature of VP of board chairman and assistant secretary.
  • Assigned a favorite role or privilege.


Bug fixes

  • Real-time fixes of task and meeting management. 
  • Non Functional – Add a scroll bar to send agenda window.
  • WebEx configuration enhancement.
  • Enhanced user experience for requesting updates on tasks.
  • Allow opening the attachment in announcement.
  • Enhancement – change the title of super administrator to system administrator.
  • Enhance sharing a task by WhatsApp to configure a tailored message to the client’s need.
  • Improve task search ability.  
  • Improvement on notifications of instant messaging.
  • Improvement on the integration with Outlook / Mac Calendar.
  • Wrong Arabic translation – the message of the sent link to reset the password.
  • Correcting the total count of received messages.
  • Improvement on reminder feature.
  • Improvement on the Arabic localization.
  • Improvements on the voting user experience.
  • Enhance closing the meeting session.
  • Incident management – voting result graph is not showing a graph as expected.
  • Enhance the user experience for navigation through pages.


For more information: ERIYADA BOARD

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