ERIYADA BOARD is a turn key solution to manage all your leadership functions and empower your organization with one informational framework

ERIYADA BOARD is a board and committees management system serves as an enterprise turn key solution to manage and automate your leadership functions and processes. ERIYADA BOARD enables enterprises to manage board, board committees, management committees, and follow up on the implementation of all decisions and directions. ERIYADA BOARD is a secured and advanced platform enriched with features to make organizations complied with governance best practices, reduce the overall risk, and drive the whole organization towards sustainability.

Reponsive Design

Responsive design that work on major device screens (Laptops, tablets, and phones)


Our system supports Left to Right, Right To Left languages, and comes with out of the box Arabic/English and the ability to add other languages

Dashboard (KPIs)

ERIYADA BOARD dashboard enables your organization to review the status and progress of your board and committee processes.

Board Durations

Enables you to manage the terms of your board and committees and control the status of your business term: renew, open, close, archive

Meeting Agenda

Manage your agenda items and the priority, add attachment, and set up time limits for discussions.

Meeting Mangement

manage meeting inputs; agenda, attendance, discussion, notes, decisions, recommendations, and conduct voice and video conferencing.

Video Conferencing

Interactive audio and video conferencing for a one to one communicating or group conferencing for your online meetings.


Develop evaluation criteria for your leadership functions at the end of your business term.


Add discussion information on each agenda item before or during your meeting session also add discussion during a voice or video conference

Electronic Voting

Control your voting process by defining start and end time and review the result of your voting outputs.


Ability to delegate a user’s authority to another to follow up the execution of board and committees processes, with the approval of the system administrator

User Profile

View member’s information and biography, add discussion content, and members can communicate via instant chat messages


ERIYADA BOARD enables users to utilize their tablet devices; OS, Android, Windows, to manage your agendas, meetings, and tasks from your mobile device in addition to all system features.

Browse meeting agenda eaisly

Meeting invitations

Meeting management

Electronic voting

Tasks updates

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