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There are many advices/tips about best ways to sell your products/services and how to contact your perspective clients via emails. Some tips are useful but others are harmful, Heather Morgan, a founder of Salesfolk, said, ” there are a number of widely accepted myths about sales emails that are actually untrue and, if followed, can ruin a perfectly good sales strategy”. Below are three myths, you should avoid ” when planning your next sales email campaign.”
” The more emails sent, the better.
Morgan stated that many people think ” when it comes to sales, the more emails you send or cold calls you make, the more successful you’ll be as a salesperson, right? Wrong”. This is wrong because this method will annoy  your prospective clients and ruin your reputation. In addition, sending many emails ” will not guarantee you more responses”. Instead, create or plan a new strategy ” before you scale it”. ” This means before you ever draft, you should consider your audience, research their concerns and craft a message that will appeal to them. A/B test different subject lines and benefits to find what works best for your audience. From there, you can send a small batch, collect results, and scale up over time”.
” Only send one-off emails.
Even if sending hundreds of emails to perspective clients isn’t efficient, that doesn’t mean you ” just send a one-off email and leave it at that”. However, sometimes you might send a one-off email and still can be considered “as bad as a mass one”. To avoid these issues, “use traditional cold email practices, but don’t be afraid to use templates as well. You can still send a targeted, thoughtful email that feels one-on-one, but is much more scalable and expedient when used as a template that can be modified for future audiences”.
” Follow up frequently.
This tip is good specifically with “cold email” but avoid sending multiple ”  to fully increase your chances of getting a response.” No one will respond to something like this. Instead, Morgan said ” every email in your sequence should contain a benefit that truly adds value. Vary your message’s length, tone and style to avoid sounding boring or obnoxious. Be thoughtful in your approach by focusing on the audience and their situation. What can you do for them? You’re much more likely to get a response if you can show your reader it’s not a one-sided conversation”.

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