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There are many things that affect the customer experience like employee attitude, ” in-store atmosphere” and others. But the most important thing that has a huge “impact” on the customer experience is leadership development. Blake Morgan, a customer experience futurist, stated in an article in Forbes that companies usually rely on CEOs, and thinking that they’re the main reason behind the customer service effectiveness. However, companies should focus on “leadership strategy and incorporating it into the overall business strategy”.
Morgan emphasizes on training employees and leaders to solve problems; because it will lead to business thriving and customer experience improvement. Based on a research conducted by Josh Bersin from Bersin by Deloitte, any company who focuses on leadership development has a bigger chances to succeed. “Leadership doesn’t just come from the C-Suite, and companies with high performance and strong customer experiences know that. Executives may be the people with the overall big picture ideas, but it is the middle managers and supervisors that really make the work happen. Research has shown that the best companies build leaders from the bottom up. This method follows the idea of an inverse pyramid, where senior executives serve the needs of middle managers and lower employees. Companies that follow this structure instill leadership in all their employees, not just those who formally oversee others. Each employee has the responsibility to understand the business and make decisions to support the brand’s mission. Everyone knows what they bring to the company and does his or her part to improve the company and reach out to customers. Customer experience may come from the top down, but it is the employees on the ground who are really making decisions that impact customer experience. When these employees have a leadership mentality, they take ownership of the experience and do their part to create satisfied, loyal customers”.
Leadership development is an essential part for any company and the main reason behind its success. “When leaders are developed and regularly empowered at all levels, they are invested in the company and can create a consistent, high-quality customer experience”. Companies should focus on empowering “internal workings” and their leadership plans/strategies.

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