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Industrial solution

As a result of Vision 2030, the industrial sector in the Kingdom is witnessing a great development with the goal of localizing industries on several axes, such as governance of the industrial sector, providing the necessary infrastructure, establishing industrial cities, developing industrial projects and initiatives, supporting digitization and digital transformation initiatives, moving forward in the path of pioneering thought, and supporting the development of National cadres and provide facilities from government funding funds.

Governance of the industrial sector

The industrial sector Shifting employment trends, outsourcing of manufacturing sites, cost fluctuations, intellectual property concerns and the impact of government regulations are all important considerations in the search for comprehensive corporate solutions found to drive growth in a slow-growth industrial world. 

The skill set that was feasible five to 10 years ago is no longer the skills needed in today’s world – or five to 10 years from now. But in industrial governance it is hard to find smart, forward-thinking leaders who understand market mechanisms and can think strategically and act decisively, as well as attract, develop and retain them.

Business Solution For Industrial Sector

ERIYADA provides the needs for governing the industrial sector by understanding the changing needs imposed by technical globalization and the needs of mobility and innovation within any organization.

We possess the data, technology, and experience necessary to implement solutions that address current concerns and challenges, while at the same time identifying the latent capabilities of leaders, advancing development, accelerating the readiness of leaders, and activating transformation processes in the world of industrial sector governance.

Implementing the system of government Benefits

Factory Governance

Governance of production lines

Reduce risk

Accuracy of decision-making

Organizing data and information

The ability to search and trace

Analysis of fluctuations in supply and demand

Increase productivity efficiency

Reduce costs

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