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Thomas Kurian, Oracle president of product development, has mapped out the technology path ahead for Oracle, and it includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, and new human interfaces.
During a keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, Kurian said these emerging technologies now fit into the vision Oracle has had since it started building its cloud offerings more than a decade ago: Let anyone, anywhere in the world, access the power of all of Oracle’s technologies using only a browser or a phone.
“We’re going to show you not just the new innovations we have in Oracle Cloud, but also a glimpse into the future of Oracle, of how we’re infusing the new technologies of autonomous computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and new forms of human interface into our cloud offering,” Kurian said.
These fast-emerging technologies give companies a window of opportunity to get a competitive edge, and that makes it even more important for companies to have a well-defined cloud strategy, said Dave Donatelli, Oracle executive vice president, in the same keynote session.
“We’re all busy doing what we do all day long, so how do we find the time to transform our business and take advantage of the opportunities that these technologies present?” Donatelli asked. With cloud services, companies are able to spend less time and money on routine IT support and maintenance, freeing up their talent and resources to apply new technologies in their businesses, he said.

Donatelli noted that Oracle, unique among cloud providers, offers three different ways for companies to embrace these new technologies. They can deploy on premises as they always have, get all the benefits of a cloud subscription model while running inside their own data center using the Oracle Cloud at Customer model, or use a pure cloud model. “This has enabled us to serve customers of all different shapes and sizes and maturity levels,” he said.
Kurian then discussed the breadth of Oracle Cloud services across applications, infrastructure, platform, and data as a service. He and members of his development team demonstrated how Oracle is applying emerging tech to advance that cloud vision. Here are three examples.

  1. Rise of Chatbots and New Human Interfaces
  2. New Analytics Capabilities
  3. Applications That Get Smarter

Kurian promised Oracle will continue driving this kind of innovation.
“We’re doing this to give you, our customers and developers, a canvas on which you can paint your vision and your ambitions and dreams, to use information technology in a new way, in a fundamentally new way, to transform your organization, your companies, and the world,” Kurian said.

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