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Digital governance solution specialists eRiyada Systems announces a strategic partnership with Mayfair Ventures of the United Kingdom.

This alliance brings together cyber defense consultancy and advisory services, UK Open Banking framework expertise and experience, and industry leading security technologies with eRiyada Systems governance, risk and compliance platform, and market reach.

eRiyada Systems and Mayfair Ventures have leveraged market-proven sophisticated security technologies to provide integrated and pervasive messaging between board and committee members using the platform.

Security is critical to governmental administration, the financial sector and UHNWI’s, these improvements bring military communications capabilities to off-the-shelf mobile devices. Securing data at rest, in transit as well as offering multi-factor authentication which is simple to use.

Mr. Mohammed Al Jasser, Chairman of eRiyada Systems noted “… in the digital age business moves freely. Where the organizations must apply sophisticated security, the members of their boards and executive committees still need ease-of-use. Why not have both?”

eRiyada Systems provides the means to collaborate within their governance platform securely both in support of board and committee meeting activities, and point-to-point between members. Everything from SMS, instant messaging, email, voice and even documents are encrypted then transferred securely to authenticated recipients. For added security eRiyada Systems provides an optional physical, proprietary hardware authenticator that works with any computer or mobile device.

“The Secured Messaging technology is a powerful, customizable solution either as a stand-alone application or embedded as a set of capabilities with the governance, risk and compliance platform” said Mr. Lewis Daniels, Chairman of Mayfair Ventures. “At its core, it’s a ruggedized solution for the sole purpose of security. On the surface, it’s an easy to use and intuitive customer experience.”

About eRiyada Systems

eRiyada Systems is an innovative software development house providing business and technology solutions to empower enterprises across the Middle East and North Africa region. We offer solutions enabling organizations to automate and manage their businesses more efficiently. Our solutions have been designed and built in Saudi Arabia according to industry best practices for the needs of the local market and wider region with their specific regulatory, corporate governance, language and unique customization needs in mind.

About Mayfair Ventures

Mayfair has set out to change how business support is done, instead of focusing on what clients might want, we have been working closely with several large enterprise clients in industries that include banking, telecoms, military, travel and mining to truly understand what they need.

By first running our Cyber Defence Exercises (CDX) programme we get to learn where an enterprise client would benefit from bringing in new technologies to enhance its Cyber capabilities. We then actively seek new portfolio companies & work with them to create the ideal solution back to the enterprise client. This gives the enterprise client an early look at some of the most exciting technologies available and our portfolio companies early access to some large global enterprise clients.

Mayfair’s background in technology, means we understand the process from concept through sales. It is this experience we provide to our portfolio companies as a proactive investor on its team.

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