Today’s marketplace is changing rapidly, you need to be ready in incorporating new ideas  into your business. To develop your business, you need to read and find about new strategies and methods used by ” by successful groups in your field”. Also, you have to hire talented people to help you in this journey.

Below, three tips published in by eleven members of Young Entrepreneur Council talking about new approaches that might help entrepreneurs to achieve success.



Kyle Stoner, the founder of Abode Technologies, Inc., says that entrepreneurs should “scale the startup learning curve ” and understand the new strategies.” If you wanted to start a company 10 years ago, it was difficult to find out where to start and how to develop an idea or business model. Now, experts have created tons of free education content for you to leverage”.

An unique personal brand 

Every entrepreneur needs to create a personal brand and ” display subject matter expertise in their respective marketplace”. The best marketing strategy you can use is educating your customer about ” how your product or service can provide their organizations with a competitive advantage”. – Samuel Thimothy, OneIMS.

Effective recruitment methods

According to Giles Ochs, the founder of  Prospect Bio, entrepreneur are often surprised by how much time and energy is spent on the recruitment process. “The challenges in recruiting are multifaceted, and there is no panacea. Still, history shows that bringing in outside help to source candidates, and build a systematized, skill-based evaluation program, has a strong ROI”.

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