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What sets apart an agile team?

I this series, I will walk you through simple steps to transform your company into different self-governing teams; you can call it agile teams. I also think it is important to have an open mind to implement your transformation program. This means you try to implement simple and straightforward changes at the same time try to apply different tactics to adapt to different situations. Also as experience director and coach, you should be able to expect resistance, setbacks, improvements, then growth in productivity.


Start with the basics, set the:

A) teams

B) backlogs; and

C) iterations

You can have something like: development team, people team, the business team, the money team, others, try to be flat, creative, and avoid adding hierarchies.


Lesson number 1: The Agile Manifesto

(1) Agile teams work to focus on delivering value to satisfy the customers through early continuous delivery of business values.

(2) Agile teams welcome changing requirements even late in the development.

(3) Business and technical team members work together daily throughout the project.

(4) Agile teams are motivated team members and trusted to get the job done and work together to resolve problems.

(5) The most efficient and effective way to communicate between team members is a face-to-face conversation.

(6) Working deliverables and business value is a primary measure of progress for the agile team.

(7) Agile team promotes sustainable development and continuous releases of values.

(8) Agile team pay continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances.

(9) Simplicity: an agile team rely on simplicity in maximizing the amount of work NOT done is essential (don’t do more than what is required)

Refer to principle YAGNI “You Ain’t Gonna Need It,” in a simple term, don’t do unneeded work

(10) the best architecture requirements and designs emerge from a self-organizing team.

(11) agile teams have regular intervals where they reflect on how to become more effective> then tune and adjust behavior…


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